About Clean Waves Co.

Our mission is to help and make the ocean a cleaner place. We want to set a realistic goal and say that we could help reduce the plastic waste in our oceans by atleast 10% until 2021.

As a growing community, we have the ability to help our heroes in the oceans means for every purchase being made, You help pull a pound or more from our oceans! 

We believe that everyone can help. anyone can contribute something in order to help our planet be healthier again. What do we mean by that?

There are around 8 MILLION metric tons of plastic thrown into the ocean annually! By 2050 there will be more plastic in the oceans than there are fish! also many marine organisms can’t distinguish common plastic items from food. Animals who eat plastic often starve because they can’t digest the plastic and it fills their stomachs, preventing them from eating real food not to mention many fish humans consume, including brown trout, cisco, and perch, have at one time or another, ingested plastic microfibers.

Our mission is helping the great humans out there risking their lives in order to preserve ours by cleaning the ocean. 

Thats why we donate 15% OF ALL SALES to Global Ocean Cleaning Companies.

Join our mission.

We currently sell in our store our unique clothing line, accessories & gadgets.

You can contact us by info@cleanwavesco.com if you have any question. We would love to chat!